“Finding Following Fraternizing”



• To project and sustain a programme of work which will have as its ultimate objective the leading of men of the Baptist Churches in fellowship with the association into a realization of their obligations and role in Missions/Evangelism.

• To provide a medium through which the men can serve efficiently and effectively in promoting the full programme of their Church and denomination.

• To co-operate with the association in the proper administration of its ministries.


To achieve the values inherent in the Purpose, the Organization seeks to promote among the men and instil into their thinking the following aims and objectives:

• Loyalty to Christ, to the Church, and its administration

• Co-operation with every agency and organization of the Church and denomination Constant emphasis upon the necessity of personal consecration for worthy Christian/Stewardship of home, self, substance and service

• A greater emphasis upon individual and group effort in evangelism

• Visitation to homes for the aged, orphanages, institutions for handicapped, hospitals and other similar institutions to cheer the inmates and extend the gospel of Jesus Christ

• Increased circulation of our denomination’s literature

• To co-operate with the Board of Mission and Evangelism, for the promotion and advancement of Baptist Work in Jamaica and the Caribbean

• An aggressive and continuing effort to reach, win and develop boys, young men, older men for Christ through Christian companionship and guidance

• To help build finances of the church and to facilitate administration by way of regular and generous offerings and tithes

• To help to ensure a progressive growth in Church budgets to meet local needs, and denominational causes, so that the gospel may be proclaimed to the uttermost end of the earth

• Liberal financial support and patronage of denominational institutions • A continuing effort through the Brotherhood to promote Christian Fellowship and to enlist, utilize and organize all the men of all our churches in active Christian service.

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