The year 2021 /2022

To: All Pastors/ Moderators of St. Catherine Baptist Churches, and the Chairmen/Secretaries of Brotherhood Branches

Greetings in Jesus’ name our Saviour and Redeemer,
The Executive of the St. Catherine Baptist Association Brotherhood is asking all its Branches to make every effort to participate, support and committed to the Brotherhood, spiritually, physically, and financially, allowing the Brotherhood to be successful with its planned Programmes as required. Such would entail;

  1. Increase in activities such as, Mission, Sport Evangelism and visitations.
  2. The Crawle Baptist Church Mission on fourth Sunday of each month. The service commences at 9: 30am. (When you’re schedule to attend you are to ensure there is someone to bring the word, lead the proceeding, give and an item, take charge of Family Bible hour.)
  3. Resuscitate dormant branches and strengthening of weak ones with the help of the Pastors and Moderators.
  4. Continued Outreach Activities, especially with Sunbeam Boys’ Home. While continuing with the scholarship programme for young boys attending High school.
  5. Encourage every Branch of the parish to honour the commitment made, by being present at meetings and paying the annual parish dues of $1,000. And $500 for scholarship fund and participating in all the association activities.

The following Branches are scheduled to conducted service at Troja on second Sundays as indicated, service commences at 11 am.

Strengthening/Resuscitation of Branches within the Parish The following Executive members will co-ordinate these zones:

My Brothers in Christ let us make disciples for the Lord, Jesus said if we love Him we must feed His sheep. It will make a difference in the Lord’s vineyard. May God continue to keep and bless us all.
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